New Chairman’s Rise to the Top at the Capital Group

Every since Timothy D. Armour graduated college over 33 years ago, he has been a great asset to the Capital Group. Armour earned his bachelors degree from Middlebury College in economics. He began his career with the company as a participant in The Associates Program.

Then, he became an equity investment analyst where he oversaw US service and global telecommunications companies. He is now the chairman of Capital Group Companies, chairman of the Global Group Companies Management Committee, principal executive and chairman of Capital of Capital Research and Management Company, Inc., which is part of the Capital Group, and an equity portfolio manager. Timothy Armour is based in Los Angeles, California.

The Circumstances Behind His Current Position Election

Armour was chosen by the Capital Group’s board of directors to be the chairman of Capital Group. He was elected by the board of directors because the predecessor, Jim Rothenberg, passed away.

Upon Armour’s election to CEO, he stated that he along with the other firm’s management committee senior members will continue to work with the other committee members to communicate, set, and implement Capital Group’s overall business strategies and to oversee operations. The other senior members include Phil de Toledo, president of Capital Group, and Rob Lovelace, president of Capital Research and Management Company.

Armour also stated that the change is reflective of a leadership succession plan which has been in motion for many years and was formalized after Jim Rothenberg’s passing. Being proud of his Capital Group’s legacy and strength, Armour further boasted of its qualities and said how their management committee and their 7,600 associates continually look forward to their 84 year old legacy to deliver on their commitments to investors and the advisors serving them.

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More About Capital Group

Found in 1931, the Capital Group is headquartered in Los Angeles, and they have offices worldwide. Their founder, Jonathon Bell Lovelace, believed that fundamental research is important to achieve results that are of high quality and long lasting. And this once small company has grown to being among the most respected financial institutions globally.

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