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With the recent uptick in the market some investors have begun to fall into a false sense of security that these market gains have no end in sight. Other more wary investors and traders on the other hand have begun to be nervous about the state of the market for the first time in quite some time. This has created what is known as a “choppy market”. But there is one strategy that time and time again has proved to serve its users well during these types of markets. Known as the “lock and walk” technique, it can aid in facing these choppy markets that we are currently experiencing. The strategy works by respecting support and resistance levels in the NDX index followed by trading QID and QLD at the right time. If If support breaks sell QLD while if resistance breaks sell QID. If support is tested by QLD or if resistance is tested by QID, target support or resistance to sell respectively. Now of course this is not a foolproof solution but in the past it has proven to be a tried and true method for dealing with choppy markets.

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