Nationwide Title Clearing Announces Its Action on Resolving the Case of Complications Arising From Defective Property Titles

Nationwide Title Clearing Incorporation began providing services in the residential mortgage industry in 1991. The company provides documents entailing property details, assignment and lien release services, document tracking services and document imaging and retrieval. In 2014, Nationwide had a total revenue of 30.6 million dollars and has currently grown by 80 percent. Now, financial records indicate that the company has an annual benefit of between a 100 million dollars and 500 million dollars. The company has its headquarters offices in Palm Harbor Florida where it began operating and presently has an employee volume of approximately 100 to 249 in a count.


Recently, the firm opened a new regional office in Dallas, Texas. The branch will serve to provide services of data recovery, data infrastructure, and staffing. It will also help to aid in reducing an overload of work in data entry under the Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity organization, research and data auditing. The CEO of Nationwide, Jon Hillman, stated that the aim of launching the Dallas branch was to provide customers with consistent top quality services without losing data and staffing services. The Dallas office has approximately 150 operational employees.


In 2014, Jon Hillman addressed the rising concerns on the defects of titles that led to various delays and complications in the secondary real estate and mortgage transactions. He stated that Nationwide provide a solution by availing a fast, simple and procedural process of acquiring property records. He added to note that the firm obtains the documents from research performed on existing land records in the country. NTC receives its property records from counties and ensures that the materials go through a human verification process. Currently, the firm services clients in large lending companies in the US real estate and mortgage industry.


According to the report released by the enterprise, property titles are vital documents in the procession of business in the industry. The firm acknowledges its awareness of the complications caused by defective titles, such as foreclosures. Nationwide cited that defective property defects are majorly caused by a wrongful claim of goods owned by another party but can also be due by incorrect wording that does not adhere to the real estate standardization. Other causes of defective titles include failing to include, failure to include a signature of a required party in the documents, failure to fully process filing and recording of records, and failure to remove previous encumbrances and liens.


To address the problem of defective property documents, Nationwide updated its website to include the following additional reports:

Tax status (plus) document

Tax status report

Report of the property’s current owner

Report on assignment verification services

NTC reported that it has a commitment to continuing servicing its customers successfully by understanding the end results needed by their customers and continually customizing the property documents procession.


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