National Steel Car Reigns Supreme

The key to accumulating a wealth of funds is to find a passion of yours, unite that with your skills, and then find a way to make a ton of money off of it. Gregory James Aziz had always been good at taking something what was failing and making it a success. This may have been a student in elementary school, it could have been a nonprofit that was seeking to gain prominence, either way, Greg James Aziz found a way to make it work. When he turned his eye to business that is where he made the majority of his money.


National Steel Car had once been the most prominent rail car manufacturer in all of Canada. However, over time, their business began to dwindle as they lost market share due to their lack of creativity. They knew they needed new leadership and so they reached out to Gregory James Aziz to see what he could do to help them.


Gregory James Aziz was more than happy to take on the challenge. When he arrived at National Steel Car he began by evaluating the company. He was not surprised when he discovered that National Steel Car no longer stood on business fundamentals, which in turn caused them to lose profit. He knew that the majority of his time at this company would be moving it back to these fundamentals.

Gregory James Aziz began as any good businessman was by focusing on casting the vision. The vision Aziz decided to cast was creating a new railcar that would turn the industry upside down. His idea was to create a rail car that could be fully customizable by the customer. In other words, he wanted to make it modular

Every department at National Steel Car knew this was a game changer but they needed the skills to make it happen. They brought in the best experts of the field and had them teach classes so that National Steel Car could fulfill its vision.

Gregory James Aziz then multiplied himself as a leader and granted authority to other executives and managers in line with their unique responsibilities. This allowed them to get things done without constantly backtracking and checking in with one another. Refer to This Article to learn more.


National Steel Car is now operating at the highest level it has ever been. Business is rolling in like clockwork and they have made over $5 billion since turning around.