National Steel Car- Growing Under Management Of Gregory Aziz

Gregory James Aziz is now the CEO of the National steel car. This is a corporation that he has served since 1994 when he bought it from a corporation known as Dofasco. Greg Aziz takes credit for being the person who has revolutionized this company to make its production capacity get better than it was. Since he took over, he has made sure that the production capacity of the company is better than it was under the previous management. National steel car is a company that deals with engineering and manufacturing of tank cars as well as railroad freight cars. This company that was established in 1912 have been in this business for a very long time. It is among the few companies from this era that still exist to date. National steel car is the company that has been supplying railway corporations in North America with products.



Greg Aziz is a business manager who takes his time to create a business that will thrive for long since he took over national steel car, he has never relented until he has finally been able to get what he set out to attain. Greg Aziz hoped that he would make national steel car a big company in the region and that is what he has exactly done. National steel car is based in Hamilton.


Greg Aziz comes from Ontario; he was born in 1949. Greg Aziz is a holder of economics degree from the University of Western Ontario. He was awarded this degree in 1971. He has worked form various business organizations since he started his career. The first business that he worked for was the Affiliated Foods. This is a business that was owned by his family. While working for Affiliated Foods, he helped the business expands its business reach to areas outside of Canada. Affiliated Foods is now able to supply foods to part of the United States. Go To This Page for more information about the company and Greg Aziz.



Greg J Aziz has been able to make national steel car a huge investment. He has managed to take over the company and now its production in one of the best in the world, national steel cars have now won major awards for being the company with quality products. For 13 years, this is a record that this corporation has been able to attain. The quality of products is one thing that have enabled the company to retain its customer base for all those years. National steel car is now bigger and better than before. It has been able to provide thousands of jobs opportunities to people living in Ontario.

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