Mike Baur is Helping to Develop Budding Talent

Mike Baur is the co-founder and managing partner of the Swiss Startup Factory which is based in Zurich, Switzerland. He founded the company with two other entrepreneurs who contributed immensely in making the company a leading independent ICT startup accelerator that is private- owned.

Mike Baur had an illustrious career in the banking and finance sector, a career that he started while still young. He is an experienced banker who has spent about a quarter of a century in private banking. He started off as a commercial apprentice working for UBS and rose through the ranks to become an executive board member of reputable banks like Clariden and Sallfort.

Mike Baur currently lives in Switzerland in a place known as Fribourg. He has an MBA degree from the Rochester University in New York and is also holds an executive MBA from the University of Bern in Switzerland. He has been able to use the Swiss youth entrepreneurship forum effectively to sponsor, support and mentor many Swiss start-ups. He is committed to helping the youth to have a foothold in the corporate world. His efforts are aimed at providing the young and talented entrepreneurs in Switzerland with the right platform to develop their talents and business acumen into something that can completely transform their lives.

This company, which is closely associated with Mike Baur, offers young entrepreneurs in Switzerland with services such as financing, mentoring, coaching and the provision of international networks to other entrepreneurs and investors. The company also provides budding entrepreneurs with the much-required office space to enable them to undertake their day to day businesses. They also provide conference facilities, desks and any other business related facilities at very affordable rates. Other services that are associated with this startup company include financial; services like accounting, payroll management, VAT and tax reporting, cash flow reports among others.

The company is, however, renowned for its startup accelerator program which is a program that attempts to develop and support budding and young entrepreneurs to further their skills, more so, in the digital area. The company provides a very broad network of business leads and has formed partnerships with like-minded companies so as to provide a comprehensive program that can be useful to the young minds. Its partnership with Fintech Accelerator Fusion, which is a company that is based in Geneva, is geared towards this end.