Michael Burwell: The Man Behind The Success

Someone truly said that we should make our concussion today in such a way that we need not to exemplify our self in future.

These lines are synonymous to the person named MICHAEL BURWELL.




He Completed his BBA in the Year 1986 from the Michigan State University. Someone is born with Inventiveness in them while some others like Michael Burwell fanfare the world that drudgery can raise the person from basal to top. Whatever may be the field human capital, technology, finance, global decisive sourcing etc. he brought cogency in the group. The perspicacity of him shows that he has done enough in his life


  • Michael spent nearly three decades (31 years) at Price Waterhouse Coopers LLP(PwC) which gave him the experience of finance and competent service
  • 11 Years – He did Assurance practice while working on numerous audit


Clients which gave him the directorship qualities


  • 1997 – In Partnership with two of his mates he started PwC’s Detroit


Based transaction service Policies


  • Earlier he was handled the leadership of Price Waterhouse Coopers central region and after seeing his dedication towards his work, later on he was handled to serve the entire US Transaction Service Leader which was the turning point in his career to success.
  • 2007 – He was appointed as CFO (Chief Financial Officer)
  • 2008 – He was appointed as Chief Operating Officer across PwC’s U.S.




  • 2012 – Became Vice Chairman Global and U.S. Transformation.


In addition to this he was also apportioned as senior relationship partner on several clients during his incumbency. From October 2, 2017 till present MICHAEL BURWELL is serving as the CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER(CFO) at Willis Towers Watson (NASDAQ: WLTW)

The moment when MICHAEL BURWELL assumed the post of Chief Financial Officer, John Haley CEO (Willis Towers Watson) boasted BURWELL which Summarized as:

“They are excited to have Mike in their leadership team at the peak point of their company. MIKE’s multi experience of Leader ship, managing skills and his strong focus on the clients will help them to withstand globally. Further he added that he is much confident that MIKE’s expertise and understanding in finance, transformation and transaction will be the plus point for them to build a long-term growth of the company which will finally help them to achieve their full potential”

After joining Willis Towers Watson MICHAEL BURWELL also expressed his gratitude and said that “It’s an Honor for him to join Willis Towers Watson and he is impressed with the Leader ship strength, seriousness of the workers and their commitment towards work and the collaborative strength at Willis. Also, he stated that he is excited to work with the team and would be supporting them to attain new heights in future”

The way in which MICHAEL BURWELL went up the ladder consistently without having a break in his nonstop carrier gives us the lesson that we should always acquire to move ahead in our life rather than Halting at the specific position.


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