Michael Burwell, New CFO Of Willis Towers Watson

Michael Burwell has recently just landed a job as the Chief Financial Officer at Willis Tower Watson, a leading advisory and investment firm registered on NASDAQ. Over the course of more than 30 years, Michael Burwell has had a tremendous amount of experience in finance. His expertise goes extremely far beyond that of a normal investor, and that’s part of the reason why he was chosen for this position.


Michael Burwell’s past success at managing a company’s finances, as well as his down to earth management style, are also key reasons why he was chosen. Over the course of 30 years, Burwell has seen it all in the markets. With diligent work and long hours invested over the course of his career, he has seemingly reached a pinnacle in the workplace by getting this job. Go Here for related Information.


His approach to management is focused on collaboration and working together toward common goals. With appropriate training and communication with his staff, Burwell will undoubtedly guide his team to make wise and well thought out investment decisions that are certain to have positive reverberations for everyone involved.


Michael Burwell has had leadership roles in the past, including being the Head of Global Transformation at one firm called PwC. Michael Burwell was responsible for ensuring the success of corporate mergers on a worldwide level. He was also the Chief Financial Officer at that firm for more than ten years. Using this experience, Michael Burwell will have a distinct advantage as he strives to grow the company and ensure all of the the clients’ continued prosperity. Being Chief Financial Officer at Willis Towers Watson will allow him to use his lifetime of skills and training to have the maximum effectiveness for Willis Towers Watson as a whole.


Willis Towers Watson strives to reduce clients’ risk while ensuring their longevity and success in the market place. They have helped countless individuals grow their businesses and have developed investment strategies tailored to meet individual client needs for over 150 years. With Michael Burwell at the helm of the finance for this firm, their continued success and growth is more readily ensured. Both Burwell and Willis Towers Watson are excited about the opportunity to work together helping clients to be prosperous for a long time into the future.


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