Michael Burwell: How Staying Positive And Listening Can Help A Company


Willis Watson recently hired a new Chief Financial Officer by the name of Michael Burwell who brought his 31 years of experience in the industry with him to the company. Before joining Willis Watson Towers, he was a Partner at Pricewaterhouse Coopers after making his way up the ranks of their executive team. Michael Burwell and John Haley, Willis Towers Watson‘s Chief Executive Officer, are excited about what he will be bringing to the table at the company.

Willis Watson Towers has big plans to grow and evolve over the upcoming years and with Michael Burwell’s experience in mergers and acquisitions they believe they will be in a good position to do so with his help. Both he and the company have a passion for focusing on the clients which will fit right in with their company culture that also values inclusivity and strong collaboration.

While collaboration is extremely importantly important to Michael Burwell and the company, he understands that it may not always mean that everyone on the team can reach a consensus. There may be people that are unhappy with some of the decisions that are made but it is important to make the best decision possible for the clients and Willis Towers Watson instead of just settling on the lowest common denominator that everyone can agree on. Although Michael Burwell does admit that it is a nice occurrence when everyone agrees on something.

Listening to everyone involved with a project has helped Michael Burwell discover some great ideas within a company that hadn’t been paid any attention before. He states that the next big idea like Uber might come from one of their employees and if everyone is paid attention these ideas can be unearthed. He prides himself on his ability to communicate with his team and clients in an effective manner.

The CPA and Michigan State University graduate believes strongly in the power of positivity. Celebrating each success that a company has can be a good experience and encourages people to discuss what was done correctly and what areas could be improved upon. Based in Detroit, Michael Burwell always asks how he could have done better for his company.


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