Methods of Changing Leadership Style by James River Capital Corp

James River Capital Corp was started in Virginia in 1986 under the name KP Futures Management Corp. It was initially established as an investment subsidiary of the of Kidder, Peabody & CO. In 1995 the company was renamed from KP Futures Management Corp to James River Capital Corp after it was acquired by Paul Saunders and Kevin Brandt. They registered the company as an investment advisor through the Securities Exchange Commission and it began its operations as an independent entity. James River Capital Corp is committed to offering advisory services to individual investors in the USA.


The success of James River Capital Corp is partly attributed to the leadership style of the management team in the company. They have identified some of the changes that could be useful in enhancing the style of leadership in any organization. The transformation in leadership style is necessary for the efforts of becoming a more effective leader to the team. The act of leadership can be likened to an art that requires one to gain certain skills to perfect it.


One of the changes in leadership that James River Capital Corp has found effective is to cease from leading the employees and concentrating more on offering them support. Research indicates that this change has proven beneficial to various organizations operating in various industries. One of the prominent companies that use this mode of leadership is Facebook. The team leaders in this organization had to shift their mentality from leading the subordinates to offering support as they go about their day to day duties. The James River Capital Corp team leaders started by altering their approach in their communication with the team members. They realized that even the smallest improvement could contribute to transforming and making an improvement in their style of leadership. They realized that employees need support more than being led.


Another change that leaders need to implement in transforming their leadership style is encouraging the opinion of all the employees and their participation in the discussions on matters regarding the operations and the action of their leaders. Research shows that the majority of workers in organizations avoid constructive criticism because of fear of a disciplinary action. The lack of transparency in the job environment is an impediment to innovation and other benefits that arise from encouraging the participation of workers in company decisions. Therefore, leaders have the responsibility of developing psychological safety of the employees by showing appreciation for their feedback.


Another strategy for improving leadership style is recognizing the opinion of each and every team member. Each person should be given the opportunity to speak. One method a leader can make sure of this is creating a list of all the people in the team to making sure each of them contributed their opinion. But they should not push those that are unwilling to contribute. Learn more: