Meet the Force Behind Fortress Investment; Randal Nardone

Fortress Investment; Randal Nardone
Fortress Investment; Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone is a successful financial services expert with over three decades of experience. Before starting his career journey, Randal Nardone studied at the University of Connecticut where he earned his Bachelor’s in English and Biology. His thirst for more education has him pursue another degree from Boston University graduating with a Juris Doctor from the School of Law. Following his graduation, he was offered a job at Thacher Proffitt & Wood, a law firm where he worked his way to become a partner and an executive committee member.

Randal Nardone, then surprisingly veered off from the Law Industry to the finance and capital industry where he joined Blackrock Financial Management. Due to his intelligence, he was able to adapt quickly to the industry and convinced other members he was fit to take the principal position until 1997 when he left. He immediately settled at UBS at his job as managing director. One year into running UBS, Randal decided to operate his own firm, Fortress Investment Group alongside two co-principals; Wes Edens and Rob Kauffman who were also equally gifted in the finance and investment industry. Visit to know more.

He has helped run Fortress Investment Group since its inception in 1998 solely driving the Private Equity division which currently focuses on cash generation from its vast investments from Europe, North America, and the Caribbean. It is kind to note that Randol Nardone, apart from being a co-founder, he has been the sitting CEO since 2013.

Nardone has played pivotal roles in the management of many of the company’s subsidiaries. He co-founded the Fortress Registered Investment Trust and also assumed the vice president and secretary positions since its launch. As for the Fortress Credit Corporation, he is the current principal and corresponding CEO of the two investment funds phases; Fortress Investment Fund IV and Funds V.

All these Randal Nardone’s contributions to making Fortress Investment Group, the giant company it is now have had a positive impact on the finance expert. His net worth stands at $1.8 billion with Forbes ranking him 557th in the chart list globally. Randal has taught many professionals and entrepreneurs that change is as good as a rest.

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