Matt Badiali: Investment Expert For The Natural Resource Markets

Banyan Hill Publishing Company takes pride in employing some of the world’s leading experts on investment advice. One such employee is Matt Badiali. Matt Badiali began his career in academics and is a trained scientist. He first began his career in the finance industry when he was teaching geology at the University of North Carolina and received a phone call from a financial expert. This financial expert asked him for help on a particular project that involved the mining and natural resource markets. This expert knew that he wanted to get the return on his investment that he desired he would need to consult with a trained geologist. This led Matt Badiali to travel around the world and to meet with companies in order to make sure that they were running as well as the said they were. Read more about Matt on

Matt Badiali was intrigued by the offer to travel the world, and he was offered a five times increase in his salary. Matt Badiali took the chance and has since been incredibly successful over the last decade in the finance industry. During this time he has traveled around the world meeting with various companies in the resource markets. He does this in order to remain up-to-date on the latest advances in technologies and trends in the natural resource markets. Using his unique combination of expertise, knowledge, and hands-on experience he was able to make significant profits in the midst of the most significant financial crisis in our lifetime the 2008 market crash. During the market crash, he was able to purchase stock in a mining company in the gold industry. He purchased the stock when it was valued at six cents per share. Overall the stock market dropped by 50%; however, this particular stock in the gold industry increased over two years to a value of $2.64 per share. This marked an incredible return of 4400%. For every $100 that he had invested it was turned into $4400.

Matt Badiali has since taken his skill to Banyan Hill Publishing Company in order to help publish investment advice columns such as Real Wealth Strategist. In these investment advice columns, he tells his readers about the latest trends in the natural resource in commodities markets. Many of his investment deals that he advises people to take experience significant upside. With his hands on approach, he is able to deliver a quality of investment advice that is rarely encountered and should be taken advantage of. Check: