Luciana Lossio: success as a lawyer, and Minister Equestrian champion

After graduating in law at the University Center of Brasilia and also managing to gain approval of the Bar Association of Brazil both in 1999, the Minister of the Superior Electoral Court, Luciana Lossio, has continued to have a successful law career. Specializing in Electoral Law. She also holds three other degrees: One in Civil Procedure, the second in Law, State and Procedure and also recently obtained a graduate degree in Legal Order and Prosecution. Luciana is also a member of The Brazilian Institute of Electoral Law.

Luciana Lossio has had some important clients during her career as a lawyer. Many governors and senior members of the executive branch. She also holds some very important achievements for women including being the first female to hold the position of Substitute Minister of the Superior Electoral Court in 2011. She has served for seven years at the Attorney General’s office along side two former prosecutors to: Claudio Fonteles and Geraldo Brindeiro.

Luciana Lossio demonstrated extreme competence and knowledge in various areas of law and has a great ability to deal with situations and complex cases. These qualities are very valued and are important in her role as the Minister Holder Superior in the Electorial Court.

Lossio has a weekend hobby of Equestrianism. She started learning the art at six years old and it has become a life long passion that she has kept up with despite being very busy with studies and a professional career. Such dedication has earned her the title of Brazilian Amateur Jump Champion with the Hipica Society Brasilia, winning three years in a row. To win the title she had to jump over obstacles with her Mare, Nikita, 1.20m high beating out fourty riders, both male and female. She has always had the support of her father in the riding tracks.

Luciana Lossio has always been good at overcoming all obstacles ahead of her easily and with competence, whether in the equestrian trails or in the courts. She is she to have a long career ahead of her and look forward to what she may accomplish in the future.

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