Louis Chenevert’s productive traits made him a leader

CEO superstar Louis Chenevert is paving the way for other leaders to live up to all their potential. Born in Canada the thriving businessman knows how to run a business successfully without sacrificing the needs of employees and compromising environmental laws. He also takes an active role in the community making it his mission to give back.

Mr. Chenevert is the former Chief Executive Officer and Chairman at United Technologies Corporation. Before he held these positions he worked at UTC as Chief Operating Officer and President. Prior to UTC Louis worked at General Motors for 14 years and Pratt & Whitney for seven years. He currently as a Senior Industry Advisor at Goldman Sachs and sits on a number of boards. Louis brings his ideas to reality by finding the upmost talented engineers and employees to create groundbreaking technology. This way customers blow away by their amazing products. Profits are higher and in turn they can reinvest the money back into their teams.

There are certain habits that make him more of a productive entrepreneur and may be interesting to hear about. First and foremost passion for what you do is very essential. If you don’t have passion then you won’t be motivated or driven to do it. They other factors that make Mr. Chenevert productive are having an optimistic outlook, being very focused, and working hard by investing lots of time and energy into what he does. That is why Louis is so good at what he does. Chenevert also does not let internal politics take energy away from the task at hand and what progress needs to be done to move forward. That is something he would of done differently in the past. Louis would not pay attention to naysayers and folks who who don’t have the same agenda as he. That means finding the right team so they can move through even the hardest of obstacles together to achieve their goals. Strategies that helped the successful businessman grow thinking on a larger level, being open minded, lots of focus, eliminating problems, celebrate victories, and surrounded himself with successful like-minded people.