Louis Chenevert Understands People and Technology

As the former head of UTC, Louis Chenevert made an international impact. His old company, UTC, is a multinational conglomerated that develops, researches, and manufactures products that are high-tech. Chenevert came up through the ranks at General Motors, where he worked for 14 years. He also served his time at Pratt & Whitney where he was president. Every company he worked for gave him skills and knowledge that prepared him for the next level.

One of his best-known projects is on the Airbus established by Pratt & Whitney. By developing materials to help engines burn hotter, it helped them to become more powerful. The technology he helped develop for the company still drives its bottom line today.

As a leader in any organization he worked at, Chenevert understood that people, well-educated, can be most effective when paired with the right technology. The legacy of Louis Chenevert is that an employee should be able to leave a company better than they found it. Companies that grow and innovate are willing to invest in their people.

While technology is critically important, it is the people who develop and run technology that should receive most of the focus. A developed mind can develop the knowledge and skills to reach past limits that are established. UTC put in place a scholarship employee program that enabled employees to work toward higher degrees in areas they felt passionate about.

The notable thing is that UTC pays for their education. This results in a higher commitment from employees who feel appreciated. Chenevert is from Quebec, Canada. There, he attended HEC Montreal which is a business school at the University of Montreal. His own background and education is a testament to what the right type of training and exposure can accomplish. Today, Chenevert spends much of his time designing and building yachts.