Julie Zuckerberg Success in Helping Organization through Her Talent Acquisition Skills

Julie Zuckerberg has recently focused her efforts on assisting businesses by providing them with advice on ways to enhance their customer services delivery. She does this with a fundamental objective of turning your business into a successful venture.


Zuckerberg is a graduate of University of Brooklyn College with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy. Furthermore, she attended New York law school where she acquired her bachelor of law degree. Julie started her talent acquisition career immediately after graduating from law school.


Julie is an expert in talent acquisition and recruitments. She is currently working with the Deutsche Bank as an executive in their human resource department. She plays the role of interviewing, acquisition and training of employees. Julie is responsible for recruiting the best candidates and talents for the organization. Besides, the leadership and the committee of the Deutsche Bank rely on her counsel. She took over this position over two years ago.


Ms. Zuckerberg has vast experience in recruitment and acquisition gained in her line of work. Before joining Deutsche, Julie was working with Citi bank as well as New York life insurance. At Citi Bank, she played the role of the vice president. She occupied this position for over five years. After leaving Citi Bank, she joined New York Life Insurance Company as the Vice President and the lead recruiter. In addition to these roles, she helped the management with counsel on customer treatment.


Additionally, Julie acquired her massive experience in recruitment and acquisition while working as a director of candidate placement. While in this position, her fundamental role was to recruit and acquire professionals on behalf of other organizations. Some of the positions she filled as a director of candidate placement include lawyers, managers, paralegals, among others on behalf of banks and law firms.


Notably, Julie Zuckerberg has succeeded in her profession courtesy of the advice and mentorship she received while starting her recruitment career. Besides, she is so passionate about technology and employs technology in her work thus making her more successful than others people in the field.


When Zuckerberg is not in the office, she enjoys participating in the artwork. You will also find her running as a way of staying fit and for great health. Besides, she loves photography and food hence you might find her taking pictures of animals, nature as well as in the kitchen cooking. Furthermore, Julie is highly passionate about technology and spends a significant time of her leisure understanding various innovations in the world.


Moreover, Julie has a great interest in lifestyle and culture. Therefore, she travels to New York to learn more about the people’s beliefs, religion, and culture. In addition, during her free time, Julie participates in charitable activities that include mentoring and inspiring the underprivileged and those around her as well as advocating for a better life for the poor around the globe.


One of the greatest accomplishments of Zuckerberg is her recognition as an expert and guru in her talent acquisition career. Besides, she has managed to secure prestigious and executive positions in large organizations because of her skills.