Jeunesse Global enters multivitamin market with a bang

While you probably haven’t heard the names of Randy Ray or Wendy Lewis before, the chances are good that you’ve heard of their company. Jeunesse Global is currently one of the most dominant and fastest-growing companies in the global health and beauty sector. Its astonishing rise from a garage-based hobby business to become one of the most important health and beauty brands on the global market is a testament to the immense skill and vision of its creators.

But Ray and Lewis, despite all of their prior success and their current abilities, had no intention of creating yet another grand slam of a business. The couple had just retired in September of 2009. They wanted to enjoy the fruits of their nearly five-decade-long career and spend more time both with each other and their many grandkids. But the realities of retired life would soon come knocking with a vengeance. It took just two weeks for the innately industrious couple to conclusively realize that they weren’t cut out for a life of vagrant idleness, no matter how classy the surroundings.

As a way to pass the time, Ray and Lewis founded a company out of their garage. They sold a few health and beauty products. But it didn’t take long for their spirit of excellence and entrepreneurial instincts to take over. Ray and Lewis were soon spending more than 60 hours per week on their latest venture. Jeunesse Global was officially born.

Through it all, the secret to Jeunesse’s success has been the effectiveness of its products. Products like AM PM Essentials, the company’s multivitamin, have proven themselves in the marketplace. AM PM Essentials, like many other Jeunesse products, takes an old idea and puts a new, revolutionary twist on it.

Many multivitamins exist that purport to help the user stay alert, focused and feeling on top of their game throughout the workday. But AM PM Essentials is the only one that also addresses the second side of that equation: getting a good night’s rest. With PM Essentials, it is possible for the user to wind down and be ready to sleep each night, ensuring maximum performance the next day.