Jeff Yastine Talking About the Retail Companies Investors Should Look Into Apart from Amazon

Jeff Yastine is a financial journalist for past many decades and presently serves as the Editorial Director at the famous Banyan Hill Publishing. Jeff Yastine joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2015 and since then has helped with many publications that come under the blanket of the company, including serving as the editor of Total Wealth Insider and weekly contributor to two other famous publications by Banyan Hill, namely Winning Investor Daily and Sovereign Investor Daily. As an editor to these finance based publications, Jeff Yastine helps the readers understand how the financial world and market operates and what needs to be done to achieve their long-term business goals and objectives. Assisting the readers to know about the profit-making opportunities that open up in the market from time to time is one of the end goals of Jeff Yastine as the editor.

Jeff Yastine has received numerous awards throughout his career span for his spectacular journalism style and was even nominated in 2007 at the Business Emmy Awards for his report on the underfunded system of public infrastructure. There are many credible and nationally essential stores and financial events that were reported by Jeff Yastine over the years, including the mortgage crisis, dot-com bubble, and the financial implications of hurricane Katrina, and also the oil spill in the ocean in 2010. Jeff Yastine focuses on many different markets at the same time to ensure that his coverage of the market is comprehensive. When it comes to the e-commerce sector, Jeff Yastine has chosen to take an alternative approach and in one of the recent articles, has mentioned about the few companies that the investors can look into apart from Amazon.

Jeff Yastine said that many investors are worried that as Amazon is branching out and entering new retail domains, other companies that pre-exist in the areas would vanish. However, Jeff believes that it would probably not be the case and it may happen that Amazon may not be able to compete with some of the leaders that are already present in different retail segments. Jeff Yastine says that companies like eBay, Grainger, and Kroger and Co, are the retail companies that are well-placed in their respective niches, and are equipped strategically to go head-on with Amazon if necessary. Jeff Yastine says that these are the companies that investors can trust to move up with time as they are not backing out and has substantial funding and infrastructure to take on the retail market amidst tight competition. Read more: