Jeff Yastine Predicts Strategic Mergers Could Threaten Amazon

Amazon intimidates many investors and professional stock analysts. Just the rumor that the online retail behemoth is considering entering a new market is enough to drive down the stock prices of the leaders of that sector. Amazon has gone from success to success for over twenty years now. They keep expanding their business, finding new ways to dominate the retail space both online and in bricks and mortar reality. They often make very little if any profit, but the stock market continues to support whatever Jeff Bezos decides. He is often too busy using the company’s spare cash to acquire new businesses and to expand to show a bottom line profit.

However, the editor of Banyan Hill’s investing newsletter Total Wealth Inside, Jeff Yastine, does not let Amazon’s success intimidate him or cloud his judgement. The company is not bulletproof. It’s not destined to crush all other retail companies in the United States. It can be fought, and he believes he knows how. More info about Jeff Yastine at

One of the big trends in the 2018 business world is the large number of mergers and acquisitions that are coming, especially in the retail sector. Many companies plan to grow, by buying others out or merging with them. With a few strategic mergers, Amazon competitors could create a company that could effectively compete with Amazon.

eBay has long been Amazon’s most obvious competitor. Just as Amazon is now far from the online bookstore it started as, eBay is far from the auction site it started as. It too is now a retail giant in its own right. Most importantly, eBay already owns a large number of warehouses it uses to fulfill customer orders. eBay does lack the technological sophistication to compete head-to-head with Amazon, however. Now, though, what if Google bought eBay, applying its ability to deploy unlimited technology and combine it with the retail lessons eBay has learned? Together, those two companies could take on Amazon, and succeed. Learn more on about Jeff Yastine.

Another company Google or another ambitious Amazon challenger could consider buying up is Kroger. The supermarket chain’s stock price is down because Amazon bought out Whole Foods last year. However, Kroger has 3,000 stores around the United States, far more than Whole Foods. It would take a lot of capital for Whole Foods to expand its coverage across the entire country. Also, Kroger is already experimenting with cashierless stores, which will hold its costs down, so it can keep prices low. Read more: