Jason Hope Transforming Lives Through Philanthropy And Technology

Jason Hope has extraordinary qualities both as a refined entrepreneur and a kindhearted philanthropist. His focus, throughout his career, has been on improving people’s lives through technological innovations as well as charitable giving. More specifically, his efforts towards anti-aging have gone a long way in touching the lives of many people around the world.

Jason Hope has a direct relationship with Aubrey de Grey through the SENS Foundation, a non-profit organization focusing on unearthing, through research, the solutions to diseases such as Alzheimer’s that accelerates aging in people. The foundation is interested in the preventive rather than the curative methods to aging. The foundation also works round the clock to address other illnesses such as lung cancer, heart disease, and respiratory complications. Through hundreds of thousands worth of donations, Hope facilitates research and innovation at SENS, boosting its capacity to explore alternative methods. He has in the past pledged and honored a $500,000 worth of donation to SENS Foundation.

He has also in the past extended his generosity to other organizations including Family Health International, Worldwide Orphans Foundation, T-Gen Foundation, and America Phoenix among others. He is passionate about youth empowerment, supporting education and entrepreneurial ventures among the youth with hopes that it will help them realize their dreams.

Jason Hope is fascinated by technological advancements and how they can potentially transform how things are done. For instance, he is of the opinion that the idea ‘Internet of Things’ (IOT) has contributed significantly to the success of many firms and corporates who have embraced the technological devices to boost connectivity in their operations

In an interview published in inspirery.com, Jason Hope cites his focus on the future, makes him successful. He is continuously exploring opportunities for the utilization of technology to grow his businesses. Hope finds delight in his philanthropic projects and embraces challenges as they come. He uses social media, especially Twitter, for some of his marketing activities.

Jason Hope was born and raised in Arizona. He attended The Arizona State University and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in finance. He also has an MBA from ASU’s W.P Cary School of Business.