Jason Hope the Futurist

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur and investor, who believe in quality as a key value in service provision. He says that the level in which you offer excellence determines the level in which customers become loyal to you and your products. Consequently, Jason says that an entrepreneur cannot afford to be ignorant about the quality of service they provide. He says that many entrepreneurs, who closed their businesses, did so because they were not keen on quality and customer expectations. To avoid the same eventuality, you must be vigilant about quality as producer. Secondly, Jason addresses the issue of passion in business. He advises businesspersons not to take on ventures they are not passionate about. In his words, Jason states that when times are bad in business, only passion and love for the service keeps a businessperson going. When you take a business in which you have no passion, you use so much effort and most times, it does not payback; therefore, refrain, he adds.

The best thing about being passionate about what you do is that you wake up excited every day. Jason does not struggle to wake up since he looks forward to developing more projects daily.

Jason’s Job

Jason has a burning passion for technology. As such, he always desired to pursue something that was related to his passion and purpose. However, he also loved doing business and making money. Consequently, he decided to pursue a career path that would combine both the interests and help him make a living. Jason pursued his degree at Arizona State University, where he acquired a Bachelor of Science. Upon graduating, he pursued an MBA from the same university and cleared within no time. He then came up with a business idea that was related to mobile technology, which always inspired him. His first service was selling premium text message services, and this laid the foundation for all the ensuing contracts. The profitability from the above encouraged Jason to keep investing in humanity and made him open more and more companies. He also got into many partnerships with various firms that benefited from his services.

Jawa was the name of the first company that Jason established, and it mainly dealt with communication technology. His first customers were referrals from a company that he had worked for and he has since built his network to a large clientele. Jason says that his job is well paying and he delights in every moment of the job. However, he quickly adds that his income is also used to serve humanity. Jason is a well-known philanthropist, who supports many noble courses that benefit the less fortunate. He says that giving is part of good stewardship.

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