Jason Hope And His Contributions To The End Of Aging

Jason Hope has over the years rose to prominence as a global technological futurist. This has also earned the title of a technology expert and influencer, given his ability to predict technological trends based on market analytics. However, his success isn’t merely confined to the technology circles, he is also a well-known advocate for healthy living and biotechnology, especially in the preventative medicine and anti-aging research with SENS Research Foundation.

The internet of things expert is also widely known for his spirit of pushing beyond the limit in all of his undertakings. By bringing this line of thought to the anti-aging research foundation, he has inspired the team to explore expansive solutions to the aging problem that has in effect led to the discovery of unique anti-aging superfood compounds like pomegranates.

How did he become an anti-aging advocate?

Jason Hope’s interest and advocacy of the development of anti-aging and preventative medicine started in 2010 when he joined other philanthropists and medical experts in funding the Cambridge SENS Research Foundation. These helped SENS founders, Aubrey De Grey, establish a modern laboratory equipped with hardware and personnel necessary for furthering research about aging. In the crowdfunding mission for the establishment of the SENS laboratories, Jason contributed $500,000.

Since then, Jason has gone on to become an anti-aging medicine advocate and continues to inform the masses of the strides taken by the foundation through the social media as well as personal blogs and website. Additionally, apart from using his resources to further advance the researchers by Aubrey’s team in the form of capital contributions, Jason also draws support for the cause. For instance, he is always steering young technological innovators and other philanthropists towards this cause.

What is SENS Foundation?

SENS refers to Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence and entails identifying the causes of aging in human beings and coming up with a solution on how to prevent them from manifesting as one grows older. To a large extent, this research has centered on the study of such diseases as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and cancer that are more often associated with age and genetic disorders. Interestingly, the research team has already identified the aging protein in humans, the Glucosepane and already working on ways to minimize effects in humans.

About Jason Hope

Jason is a philanthropy champion whose charitable acts revolve around the biotechnology, smart technology, and automation industries. He also remains committed to his home state and champions a grants program for technology students by providing grants to young innovators in a bid to help them actualize their innovations.

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