James Dondero-An Agent of Change in Dallas

James Dondero’s is a household personality whose name is synonymous with quality financial services in the city of Dallas. Through him and his dedicated services, residents have been able to enjoy the services of Highland Capital Management. As the co-founder of the firm James has been able to streamline the management to provide only the best in terms of financial services. With a good team that understands the value of teamwork, Dondero is confident in his client service and management. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.

Background and Education

James was a student at the Virginia University where he majored in finance and accounting. He is also a certified public accountant. Additionally, James Dondero is the co-founder, portfolio manager and president of Highland Capital Management. He is also the CEO and Chairman of the Board at Highland Acquisition Corporation since April 2016. He has been able to garner wide experience in his field for over thirty years as a result and continues to provide outstanding services to the people of Dallas. He has also garnered skills that have helped him deal with cases of distressed investing. His commitment to excellence has seen him blossom in his field and today; he even develops collateralized loan obligations for his clients. Follow James on Linkedin.

Services and Contributions

Apart from developing financial portfolios, Dondero’s also has skills in the provision of oriented solutions services. As the chairman of the board at Highland Capital Management, he is an exemplary leader whose efforts cut across all of the organization and beyond. He is also a philanthropist whose dedication to Dallas can be seen from his activities. James Dondero has been involved in community work and developmental programs in Dallas and continually provides support for those in Dallas. He has partnered with charity organizations to help elevate their standards of the community members who are less fortunate. His work is extensive as he has worked with over ten organizations in a bid to stabilize both businesses and education.

Financial Management Skills

Dondero has mastered the art of financial management and can offer insight to his clients on which financial dockets are safe. He has critical decision-making skills which he used to help his clients make critical decisions about financial planning. He works around his businesses to curb losses and manages client portfolios with a passion.

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