Ian King: Cryptocurrency Trader

Cryptocurrency is “a digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank.” Essentially, this means thats cryptocurrency allows traders to trade different international currencies without having the physical currency, and without the need of a bank to act as the medium between traders. The benefits to traders are fairly immense, as many banks will charge a fee to convert different currencies to another, and a trade can take weeks while one party waits for the other to trade in person. With cryptocurrency, that bank fee is eliminated and trades can occur almost instantaneously. In hindsight of these benefits, many currency traders have opted for this digital medium. Ian King is one of the cryptocurrency traders. Visit stockgumshoe.com to know more.

Ian King currently lives in Delray Beach, FLorida, in the United States of America. Before becoming a cryptocurrency trader, King managed a hedge fund, accumulating over two decades of experience in trading as well as analyzing the financial markets. He currently is the senior analyst at Banyan Hill Publishing, an investment analyst company also located in Delray Beach that publishes various books and articles on investing, and has many avid readers today. While at Banyan Hill, King developed a crypto investing product that spans multiple medias. He developed this product for the popular Investopedia Academy, an online training facility of sorts for burgeoning investors, and this product has been credited as the first of its kind.

Today, Ian King works at Bryan Hill Publishing, writing weekly articles for the Bryan Hill’s Sovereign Investor Daily, helping to keep the readers knowledgeable of the current events in Crypto trading. He is also the editor of the popular Crypto Profit Trader, an investment advising service that points out profitable trends in crypto trading with a three-part trade strategy.

Altogether, Ian King represents the promising future that cryptocurrency holds for investors everywhere. Having been the brains behind several key breakthroughs in crypto trading, as well as donating his vast knowledge and experience to articles and books targeted towards new investors, King has become one of the faces of cryptocurrency in the modern age, and will lead this investing medium to a brighter, better future in the spotlight of popular media.

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