Hussain Sajwani and the Future of Dubai

Today, Hussain Sajwani is regarded as one of the most formidable entrepreneurs in the world. As the Chairman of DAMAC Properties, which he founded in 2002, Mr. Sajwani has been instrumental in its exponential growth, and it now exists as one of the biggest property development corporations in the entire Middle Eastern region. He graduated from The University of Washington, majoring in Economics and Industrial Engineering, and after spending two years working for a company in Abu Dhabi, created his own venture in the catering sector, which now exists as Global Logistics Services and delivers over 150,000 meals per day throughout the Middle East, Africa, and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Currently, his investment portfolio consists of securities in local and global markets, and the entrepreneur, listed as one of the most influential Arabs in the Middle East, recently sat down to discuss his successes within the business world, as well as a few new technologies that have him on the edge of his seat.

The idea to create DAMAC Properties was created because of Hussain Sajwani’s experience as a young man working after school at his father’s business. It was at this time, that the entrepreneurial spirit was instilled in him, sparking the seeds that he would fine-tune throughout his life as a calculated risk taker. He usually begins his day by meeting with the top executives of his management team, ensuring that he remains abreast of DAMAC Properties’ latest developments. He often divides his time between these essential meetings, networking, and spending quality time with his wife and children, revealing his belief that this helps to ensure a life of balance. An essential part of Mr. Sajwani’s ability to bring his ideas to life, is his ability to eliminate the fear of failure, while also envisioning what his the future infrastructure of Dubai, and the Middle East, over the next 20 years. Social media is a growing trend that really has Mr. Sajwani excited, due to its ability to connect consumers with business entities on a 24-hour basis, making the possibilities associated with this growing technology virtually limitless.