How the Startup Tempus Inc. By Eric Lefkofsky Hopes to Find A Cancer Cure

Eric Lefkofsky has earned millions through his e-commerce ventures. He’s currently valued to be worth $1.79 billion by Forbes Magazine. Eric has always been a calculated risk taker. His previous startups include Groupon, InnerWorkings, Uptake, Mediaocean, and Echo Global Logistics (ECHO). Mr. Lefkofsky’s most recent pursuit, Tempus, is poised for unprecedented success. No wonder investors have all been dying to own a piece of this startup before it takes off.

About Tempus

Tempus is all about finding a definitive cure for the cancer scourge. Eric Lefkofsky and his team realized that there was no feasible way for the various researchers and scientists working on cancer treatments to collaborate and share data. This led to a slowed process filled with redundancies.

Overwhelming Data

Their plan was now to come up with a tech-based solution to help curate all that genomic data into one resource hub. Consequently, that would empower the experts to come up with personalized therapeutic approaches for dealing with the different patients. Collecting vast amounts of data without the resources to make sense of it is a useless endeavor.

To make their pipe dream an absolute reality, the billionaire set up a 20K square foot state of the art medical facility. The facility’s headquarters are in River North. Here, through partnerships, the experts can test and sequence the data from individual results from patients all across the nation with the hopes of finding a cure.


The first partner to come on board was the Northwestern Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center. The center joined the project on the 29th of September. Tempus has a staff of close to 100 employees. Many were drawn from the oncology realm of medicine.


Eric has a heart of giving. Before even stepping down as the CEO of Groupon, he has already donated millions to a wide variety of noble causes. In 2006, he and the wife, Liz, started the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. Asides, the entrepreneur is a trustee member of the Lurie Children’s Hospital based in Chicago.


Eric studied at the University of Michigan graduating in 1991. He is a law professor and a published author. He attended the Southfield-Lathrup High School in 1987. Find him on Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter.