How Securus Technologies is Helping Close Cold Cases

I was given a cold case this month that was really a thorn in the side of my fellow officers. The suspect was in jail on a smaller crime, set to be released in a few weeks. The crime he was initially charged was tossed because the evidence was weak, and although he did give the officers a full confession to the brutal and violent crime, he was allowed to walk free until he was recently arrested. If he was allowed back on the street, any evidence that was still out there would surely be destroyed by him now.


With time running out, my team decided we had to take our battle right to the suspect if we were going to find and recover any additional evidence that could put him away for a long time. Knowing there was no other suspect because he already confessed, we headed to the local prison to rattle this suspect’s cage. Once there, we let a few of the inmates know we had found new evidence in the cold case and wanted to see if they had any more information to lock up the case.


My team knew Securus Technologies installed an inmate call monitoring system in the jail, and we knew if the inmates ran to our suspect with word we were there, he would run to the phones. The LBS software is able to listen to all the calls and isolate chatter on certain ones. As expected, the inmates got our suspect upset, and he ran to the phone to tell his brother to get to a certain location and remove the rest of the items the police did not confiscate. We arrived at that scene and found all we needed to be able to put this suspect back into custody on the original charges.