How National Steel Car Secured Their Golden Reputation With Greg Aziz In Charge

Greg Aziz has a fascinating story of success and a career path full of achievements and talents that compose a great leader and business developer.


Having started as a humble businessman working for the company of his family, Affiliated Foods, Gregory James Aziz was born in London, England, in April of 1949.

Affiliated Foods handled production and delivery of food supplies and ingredients to many countries around the world, and the business was already doing great by the time Greg had enough age to enter the company to help his family.


However, after a couple of years of teaching the young businessman everything about the food market and all of the competitors out there, Greg Aziz began to show extreme success and talent in treating the business of his family. Because of such a well-received performance, Greg started to climb the ranks of the corporation of his own family.


During his youth, Greg Aziz went to the Ridley College, and then, after graduating, took a major in Economics in the School of Economics of the Western University, in Ontario. There, he actually mastered the administration and financial skills that would lead him to be a critical leader in the companies he was going to work with.


After Affiliated Foods, Gregory Aziz wanted to enter the investment banking industry, as he wanted to pursue other kinds of industries and understand different markets and their functionalities. Even though his position in Affiliated Foods was doing great and Greg Aziz was already making more money than the average American, he still wanted to pursue risk and knowledge.

That was before the entrepreneur bought the National Steel Car Corporation. There, he learned how to be a true leader and owner of a business.


At National Steel Car, Greg Aziz is the CEO, President, and Chairman of the board of directors of the business. National Steel Car is a manufacturer of railroad freight and tank cars, located in Canada.


The company has over a century of experience in the market, and they have owned the trust of every major and small company that order these types of materials. National Steel Car is not only the preferred manufacturer in Canada, but they also ship to the United States’ territory, and have a big influence in the American industries.


With the leadership of the new owner, Greg Aziz, an already great company became even more successful. The spot as the railroad freight cars manufacturer of the biggest reputation was achieved and is held until this day.


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