How Joel Friant was inspired to create the Original Habanero Shaker

It was in Jamaica that Joel Friant first discovered the Scotch Bonnet, a variety of habanero pepper. Eventually, he would take this pepper and create the Original Habanero Shaker, but before doing that, Joel owned a restaurant.


Joel’s restaurant was the first of its kind. His idea for a Thai fast food restaurant was implemented in 1995. The restaurant served a variety of spicy dishes, and Joel soon discovered that his passion for spicy things was shared by many people.


Joel had tried other habanero shakers before, but they used additives and filled the bottle with cheaper seasonings like salt. He decided to create his own habanero shaker that didn’t use fillers but instead contained 100 percent habanero peppers. Joel took his Scotch Bonnets, dried them using the sun, and ground them into flakes. His method allowed the peppers to maintain their spice level, and more importantly their flavor.


Joel also noted that other habanero shakers were dry and stale. This would not do for his product, however, and sought out packaging that trapped in the flavor and spice. He found the right packaging, and soon got the Original Habanero Shaker in stores across Washington.


Joel became a real estate agent after the launch of his Original Habanero Shaker. He worked both as a salesman and as the manager of a branch office that offered mortgages. He also spent a great deal of time flipping houses.


In 2008, Joel began to study the way online markets work. He also began to study the art of success, drawing much of his information from early 20th century authors. Joel offered courses about success and wrote many articles on the topic.


Joel currently explores new e-commerce platforms with his Original Habanero Shaker. He is also interested in the different ways that cryptocurrencies can be utilized by small business owners.