How Chris Burch Jumped from Fashion to Nihiwatu

Nihiwatu was recently voted the best hotel in the world. The hotel has luxury options, is affordable and is available for anyone who wants to visit it. Chris Burch made sure he was making the hotel in this way because he wanted people to realize he was doing his best and providing them with everything they needed for a successful future. Part of what made Chris Burch so successful in every other business he had been a part of was the fact he had worked hard as an investor and as someone who knew a lot about luxury.  Read and learn more about the diversity of his business investments, check

As long as Nihiwatu has been in business, it has been profiting. People who visit the hotel come from many different backgrounds and know they are going to be able to get the best experience possible. In addition, people who have visited Nihiwatu know that the hotel is all about luxury. They can get all of the luxury options they need to enjoy the experience while also not worrying about draining their bank account just to have a good time. It has allowed Chris Burch the chance to give people what they are looking for and give them everything that will create a solid future.  Check more about the luxury resort in this link on

Thanks to Chris Burch, people are able to recognize what luxury is. In fact, they are able to see the difference in the luxury living options and other options because of how much he has worked to provide people with the things they need. As Chris Burch has learned more about the business and about the things he is doing in the business, he has shown people he can be one of the best hotel owners in the world. For him to do this, he has to show people Nihiwatu will continue to get better and will grow.

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As long as there have been different options for people to enjoy, Chris Burch knows they will experience luxury options. For Chris Burch, luxury is a necessity. In his other brands, including C.Wonder and Tory Burch, Chris Burch has remained focused on luxury. Because of this, he knew there would be a way for him to make the best decisions.  For further reading, hop over to

He was successful with those and continues to be successful with the Nihiwatu brand he created. All of the things he does with it allow the luxury living aspect to become a vital part of what he is doing in business.  To keep updated with his new and follow on investment, head over to

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