Highland capital Management and the relationship that they have with the Highland Floating Rate Opportunities and NexPoint Credit Strategies

The fund advisor at Highland Capital Management and the advisor at NexPoint announced that there was the decision of the Texas court that confirmed that there were to receive an aggregate of $315 million. The people that were to be paid the money were Highland Floating Rate Opportunities, the HFRO and the NexPoint Credit Strategies were to receive a portion of the aggregate too. The money was supposed to be separated from the companies, and the $ 289 million was supposed to go to HFRO, and a total of #52.5 million was supposed to go to the post-judgment interest. For NHF they would get the $62.3 million and the $11.3 million was to be used on the post-judgment interest too. For the amount that they are to receive there will be the deduction of the attorney’s fees and the expenses of the litigation being applied. And before the case has been solved, there is the 9% simple interest that will accrue every year. Learn more about Highland Capital at Crunchbase.

The confirmation that was made by the Texas Court of Appeals is still waiting to appear to the Texas Supreme Court. If the Texas Supreme Court agrees that they will hear the case, there is no assurance that the funds will be given. Highland Capital is the one that supports the Highland Capital Management Fund advisors. Highland Capital Management is registered with the SEC as an investment adviser that has been able to achieve the asset of $14 billion that they are managing with the help of its affiliates. Read more at bloomberg.com.

Highland Capital Management was founded by James Dondero in 1993 together with Mark Okada. Since then it’s has been able to maintain the reputation that globally it’s the most experienced in the alternative credit managers. The services that one will receive in Highland is credit strategies because that’s their main focus and other things like credit hedge funds, distressed and private equity that have unique situations, long-only funds, and the collateralized loan obligations. The other services that they will offer are the alternative investment and help with the financial situation too. The headquarters of Highland is based in Dallas, Texas but still, they maintain other offices in Sao Paolo, New York, Singapore and Buenos Aires.

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