Herman, the voice for a movement

Along with the #metoo movement, which has called for accountability against perpetrators of sexual abuse, another movement is gaining steam: the movement against child rape and sexual abuse. In the state of New York figures such as actor Corey Feldman, and athlete Sarah Powers-Barnhard, have rallied with New York Democrats for the Child Victims Act. Sponsored by Manhattan Democrat Brad Hoylman, this bill will look to change the current law in the state of New York that only allows five years for a crime of abuse or rape to be brought to the court. The plaintiff must also be over 18 to bring the case, this means that they only have a window from 18-23 to be able to state the case. The new bill would change this by allowing a one year window for time barred civil action lawsuits for up to fifty years. This would arguably be able to give more victims a voice, and give a feeling of accountability to the victims in reporting crimes. Right now there is some republic opposition, but a Quinnipiac poll shows that over 90% of New Yorkers support the bill, and with groups such as the “New Yorkers against hidden predators”, it is hoped the bill will pass the senate.
One of the main groups that has already advocated this cause is Herman Law, along with its founder, and managing partner, Jeff Herman. Herman is a nationally known attorney who has built his career around trials advocating for rape survivors. In his career he has represented over a thousand people. In 2011, he was brought to national attention when he won a landmark 100 million dollar case against a Catholic priest who was accused of abusing his son, when he was young. This case allowed Herman to appear on outlets such as CNN and FOX to state his cause and views towards the issues at hand. People who have worked with Herman say that his forensic interviewing style has helped minimize anxiety and trauma in victims. There is hope in the cause with people like Herman!
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