Heal And Soothe Is A Natural Way To Combat Pain And Inflammation

Heal And Soothe is a product that has been specifically designed to treat and even cure pain and inflammation and naturally as well. Heal And Soothe provides long-term pain management that uses enzyme therapy to treat and heal fatigue, discomfort, and chronic pain. This therapy uses the natural processes of enzymes in order to provide long-term relief.


Living Well Nutraceuticals has a mission statement to provide the most effective care for many different ailments with a natural approach. There are many different painkillers on the market, but unlike Heal And Soothe, they are laden with chemical and sometimes unknown substances from questionable sources and simply mask the pain rather than getting to the very root of the problem.


Heal And Soothe is designed to heal the body rather than simply cover up the pain. Heal And Soothe contains natural ingredients such as Turmeric Extract, Papain, and Boswellia Extract. It also contains Rutin, Mojave Yucca Root, citrus bioflavonoids, Devil’s Claw, and Ginger Extract. The combination of these ingredients makes it a very effective combination against unwanted pain and inflammation. Long-term use of NSAID pain relievers such as Aspirin have been shown to increase bleeding, ulcers, liver damage, and many other negative side effects on the body, many of which are irreversible.


Heal And Soothe is a much safer alternative to the more traditional methods such as prescription strength painkillers. In fact, every year, prescription painkillers are the cause of thousands of deaths and are the cause of negative effects in many people who use them for long periods of time. About 17,000 people pass away each year from complications related directly to the use of NSAID pain relievers, and 50% of all acute liver failures are the result of acetaminophen overdoses.


Since the 1950s Systemic Enzyme Therapy has been used to heal pain and inflammation and it is a safe way to manage pain. Heal And Soothe has been on the market for well over 15 years and has a great record. There have been no deaths, and it does not cause the unpleasant side effects that many artificial pain relievers do. Get More Information Here.


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