Gregory James Aziz Achievements as the Chairman of National Steel Car

Greg Aziz happens to have been the acting chairperson, president and Chief Executive officer of National Steel Car since the year 1994. James Aziz has always committed his life and skills towards the achievement of the company’s goals and has always worked towards the realization of his goals.

The company, National Steel Car is the leading freight car manufacturer across the whole of North America and also one of the biggest companies in the world. They have been able to receive a lot of awards because of their excellent performance in the industry and people have always admired their passion. He has always committed his life towards the establishment of other goals and he has never been left behind while pursuing technology. Greg Aziz has also been recognized as one of the most famous people in the whole world and they have been able to invest their skills and expertise in the sector.


Gregory Aziz is also known to be a great and a humble manager who works with passion, commitment and also through hard work just to make sure that whatever he undertakes becomes successful. National Steel Company was acquired from Dofasco in the year 1994. That is when he started the management role of the company and he did with a lot of passion and progress. When he took over, he had great ambitions for it and within five years of operation, they had been able to achieve a lot in the sector. The capacity had increased from 3,500 a year to over 12,000 cars. This was a great progress and a great achievement. They were also able to increase their employees from the normal 600 to over 3,000 of them and that was also a great boost to the economy of Hamilton where the company was based.


Greg was born back in 1949 and has had a lot of experience. His early beginning was full of zeal and energy to make it in whatever he undertakes. He performed very well while in high school, something that made him join the famous Western Ontario University. That was because of his great passion and motivation in the sector and therefore he pushed this to the last minute. After graduating with an economics degree, he got a chance to work with his family business, Affiliated Foods which was a leading exporter of fresh wholesale products. He was able to take on the management roles of the company and sales were able to rise up big time. See This Page to Learn More.