Based in Ontario, Gregory James Aziz is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of leading Canadian company; National Steel Car. Often described as a corporate genius, philanthropist, and family man, Greg Aziz has achieved remarkable fetes; both in his career and private life. Born in London, Ontario in 1949, James Aziz later enrolled at Ridley College. Upon graduation, he went on to join the prestigious Western University and studied Economics. After completing his Economics course in Western University, Greg joined his family’s business venture, Affiliated Foods, in 1971. The company dealt in wholesale foods. Affiliated Foods’ rapid growth in the 1970s saw the firm turn into a household name in the food importing and distribution sectors.


Greg Aziz further pursued corporate success when he took up a variety of roles in Investment Banking in New York. During his tenure as an Investment banker, Greg developed an interest in National Steel Car. He would then spend some time planning the company’s acquisition from Dofasco. In 1994, Greg Aziz successfully acquired National Steel Car as a subsidiary of his company; National Industries Inc. Greg began the transformation of the newly-acquired company that was experiencing economic decline. His focus was on restoring the company back to its former glory. The company’s engineering prowess was crucial in the company’s rapid rise.


Within five years of Greg’s stewardship, National Steel Car’s production capacity increased from 3500 units to 12000 units. The number of employees had also grown exponentially. In 1994, the company had about 600 staff members. In 1999, the number of staff had grown to over 3000. By 2000, the company had solidified its place as one of the world’s leading railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing companies. Mr. Greg Aziz ensured that the company remained at the top level, by exercising gratitude to all the Company’s stakeholders- from employees to partners and business clients. During Greg’s tenure as CEO and President of National Steel Car, the company has received over a dozen awards from TTX SECO, for being the leader in steel car manufacturing.

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Away from the publicity of corporate life, Greg and his wife have two daughters. Together they have sponsored innumerable social activities in the Ontario region. Greg’s companies participate in Collective Social Responsibility, such as conducting food drives in Ontario. In a bid to help his community, Greg has employed over 2000 Ontario residents in his company.