Gregory Aziz Is An Admirable Leader In The Railway Freight Car Industry

Gregory Aziz is the Chief Executive Officer, Chairman, and President of National Steel Car. The company manufactures and engineers railway freight cars that are used globally. It is located in Hamilton. It has become a renowned company in North America for the quality and innovative solutions they provide when it comes to railway cars. The success of this company has been attributed to the team and the work they have put into growing the company to what it is today. The company is value driven and they work hard to provide their clients with innovative and dynamic products.



Gregory James Aziz was born, in 1949, and bred in Ontario. He later joined the Ridley College before joining the University of Western Ontario to major in Economics. He kick-started his career by working for the family-owned business, Affiliated Foods. This company focused on providing wholesale food products. It later grew its distribution of fresh produce in Eastern Canada and the U.S. by importing from Europe and other parts of America.



Greg Aziz left the family business to advance his career in the banking industry in New York City. He worked in this industry for less than a decade. He left the banking industry to take up ownership of National Steel Car in 1994. His dream was building a leading company in railway cars in North America. He invested a great chunk of money in machinery and building a team to help him achieve his dream. With the strong capabilities in engineering and teamwork, the company grew it employees to almost five times more and their production rose to 12,000 from 3,500 cars per annum in just 5 years. Find More Information Here.


In North America, National Steel Car is the only railway freight car company with an ISO 9001:2008 certification. For almost 2 decades, it has managed to hold this certification for their excellent manufacturing and engineering quality. It also holds a TTX SECO award. Apart from being a leader in work, it is committed to giving back to the community through charity work. Greg Aziz has sponsored the United Way, Salvation Army, Hamilton Opera and Theatre Aquarius and much more. He also organizes parties every Christmas to assist the local food banks to restock their supplies.



James Aziz is married to Irene and together they have sponsored the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. This is one of Canada’s agricultural fairs. Greg believes in appreciating history and culture as he works with determination towards keeping the Company at the top. Through his leadership, the team at National Steel Car has adopted these beliefs as they strive to stay at the top.