Gregory Aziz – His Company Existed In The Great Depression

Many people wonder what it takes to succeed at business. Some people say it’s networking. Other people say it is relationship. Still others say it is hoping to hit a gold mine and hoping it works out. The honest truth is that the answer is much simpler. To succeed at business, you must be a hard worker and you must provide value to the customer. Gregory James Aziz was able to do both of these things while he served the National Steel Car company as their chief executive officer.

His hard work began when he was only a student attending Western University. During his time at school, Greg Aziz was very diligent in his studies. While others were out partying, he was in his room studying the methods and trends of the market. At that time people, mocked him. However, because of the knowledge he acquired, he is now running one of the world’s oldest companies.


His hard work continued when he arrived at National Steel Car. His first move as chief executive officer was to get the company to stop being lazy. He realized rather quickly that the company was no longer innovating. They had settled for the same products that they served for the previous decade. The problem with that is this, the industry was changing. Any good business executive would tell you if you do not change along with your market than your market will leave you in the dust. Visit This Page for additional info.

Greg J Aziz decided that it was time to change with the world. To do that, he began looking for the greatest need within his market. What he found turned out to be a gold mine for his industry. Being a Canadian-based company, they were affected by the new Canadian regulations. Canada has been moving green for quite some time now. For many people that is not a problem, but if you are a business that operates on transportation, that became a huge problem.


James Aziz was able to use the innovation of his company to create a new railcar. This railcar was capable of transporting more goods while still using less gas emissions. This was a complete game-changer for the industry. If you wanted to move something more than 100 miles there was really only one company to go with. You had to choose National Steel Car. Through innovation, Greg Aziz guaranteed his company’s future.