Gregory Aziz: A Focus On Quality

Say what you will about Gregory James Aziz, one thing that is certain about the man is that he understands what it takes to succeed. This is evident in all of the hard work that he is put into his company, National Steel Car. National Steel Car started out life as a railroad company. They manufactured rail cars that were used for transporting goods. The cars were created for various purposes, but one thing that they had in common with each other is that they displayed an outstanding level of quality and engineering. This was due in no small part to Greg James Aziz. His work is a testament, and inspiration, to any business professional that wants to go out and create something.


Work in the business community has not always been easy, but Gregory Aziz was willing to take on the challenge. As far as challenges go, National Steel Car presented one of the biggest for the time. It appeared that many people had given up on the company and moved on. It is safe to say that National Steel Car had fallen on tough times, the business was declining, and they had a small workforce for a company of their size. Greg Aziz wanted to do something with the company. He had graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a degree in economics and he wanted to put that to good use within their finance department. His purchase of the company went through in 1994.


Quality was one of the biggest things for Gregory James Aziz. He believed that if a company had products that were of superior quality, they would continue to attract and bring back previous customers. There is this old rule in business that it is always easier to retain a customer that is to attract a new one, Gregory Aziz understood that rule. Throughout the next couple of years after purchasing the company, he focused primarily on quality. He wanted the current customers for National Steel Car to speak about the outstanding standards that were being followed by the new company and its leadership.


This brand of business worked for him in the company began to grow. There are people demanding the new high-quality product, but in just a few short years National Steel Car went on to win an award that recognized them for their value as well. Today they remain one of the best-valued companies as well as a world-renowned manufacturer.


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