Goettl Air Conditioning Acquires Walton’s Heating Company

Goettl Air Conditioning is a company that ensures homes and commercial places are well supplied with air conditioning services. Recently, the company announced its new success story based on the acquisition of Walton’s Heating as well as Air Company. The family owned business is going to be controlled by Goettl Air Conditioning. Although the financial details of the acquisition were withheld, it is a huge step towards the growth of the company. The terms of the acquisition allow Goettl to conduct business in California. It is a platform that allows the acquired company to grow beyond its current potential. Since Goettl is in different geographical locations including Phoenix, Las Vegas as well as Tucson, this is the right move for business.


In Longbrake’s words, the management of Walton’s Heating Company had taken huge strides towards the development of the company. That is the best they could do. Longbrake is the head cheerleader of Walton’s Heating. Convinced that the management of the firm had done its best in 2015, it took Longbrake a lot of pondering over the issue of acquisition. He was reluctant when Goettl approached him with the proposal. He, however, heard promising remarks from customers who had hired the services of Goettl and resolved on settling for the deal.

Customer Reviews

According to the customer reviews, Ken Goodrich of Goettl was a high ranking individual whose reputation is unparalleled. Longbrake settled for the chance. It was a risk worth taking. Finally, the acquisition process was completed at the beginning of 2015. In a conversation about this trade, Longbrake stated that since the merging of the forces, the two companies had made progress. Longbrake currently serves at Goettl as the sales manager as well as a field supervisor.


To Goodrich, Todd Longbrake has been instrumental to the company. He has fit into the culture of the organization and has been an excellent leader who incorporates talent and business to achieve good results. Although the acquisition was completed two years ago, it is evident that Goodrich withheld the information until now. The reason cited behind this decision is operational issues as well as marketing complications.


Established in 1983, Goettl is a leading service provider for air conditioning services. The firm has grown over the years with its services extending to Phoenix and other areas within the state. Goettl is focused on battling desert temperatures. Since its establishment, Goettl has become one of the trusted brands in the air conditioning industry.