Go Fund Me Campaign For Homeless Looking For Forever Home

Shelters around the world are finding it difficult to feed and take care of all of the homeless animals that come in off the street. The number of homeless animals is larger than the number of homeless people because people chose to forget to have their pets spayed or neutered. Once these puppies and kittens reach an undesirable adoption age or size, people allow the animals to stray off. Some people toss the unwanted animals to the curb. According to statistics and research, over three million dogs and three million cats enter shelters yearly. Most will never find their forever home before being destroyed. This is a sad statistic. People like Ross Abelow are trying to find solutions to the problems of feeding and sheltering these animals until they are adopted. Ross Abelow is launching a go fund me page for shelters. He hopes to raise over $5000 dollars towards the mission.

Ross Abelow is a local attorney that is putting his heart and soul into his clients. He helps families as well as large corporations. Corporate law is mostly paperwork. Corporations use his abilities to draw up contracts and to present these contracts to other companies. Ross works with the CEO’s of these corporations. He represents their interests and holds their needs above all else. He will be happy to represent your family or business needs.

When a little boy, Ross dreamed of becoming the man he is today. He not only helps families and companies in need but he also helps homeless animals with his community involvement. He hopes his own family will take the same pride as he has one day. People that love animals can not ignore the situation of homeless street animals. These animals are innocent and lonely. They need friends and a family to make their lives complete. The only way to get the family they need is by being adopted from a shelter that helps them be adopted. Shelter animals must have some obedience training and medical attention before they are ready to go into a home. Ross Abelow’s launch of the go fund me page will hopefully become a great success. Hopefully, people will donate to the cause and many homeless animals will be off the street by the end of the week.

Check out the article and go fund me campaign online at Ross Abelow go fund me. He hopes you will donate to the cause and help hundreds of innocent animals get off the street.

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