George Soros is Back and Progressives Should Cheer

Any discussion centered around philanthropist and investor George Soros will turn into a Rorsach test for a person’s political identity. For progressives and those fighting for social justice, George Soros represents the very best of us. For right wingers and conservatives, George Soros is closer to a boogeyman figure than he is any kind of hero. No matter where you stand on George Soros it is clear that he is passionate about the very wheels that move the machine of democracy and the election of Donald Trump has him back in full swing.

George Soros had largely been content to sit on the fringes of politics over the past decade or so. The last time Soros took a center stage role in the political world was when he backed Al Gore against incumbent President Bush during the 2004 elections. Soros spent his money handily in order to try and get a progressive idealist into office but all was for naught. Soros was annoyed by how much it seemed like money influenced politics and so he sat on the sidelines and focused instead on his philanthropic endeavors with the Open Society Foundations.

Then Donald Trump happened — which is going to be a sentence echoed in the history books. Soros saw that Donald Trump was running an election campaign that used all of the worst qualities in people as its backbone. Soros couldn’t sit idly by and allow Trump to destroy everything Soros believed in while he sat on the sidelines. So, Soros jumped into action as he backed many Democrats at different levels during the 2016 campaign. Soros sided with Hillary Clinton and would go on to donate $7 million to a Pro-Clinton political action committee in order to give her the funding she needed to get her message out. Still, Soros wasn’t content. Now that he was back in the arena he was back for good. With the election of Donald Trump in the books we can see that Soros hasn’t backed off from his promise to combat Trump at every level. His goal now is to be a progressive check to all of the imbalances that President Trump’s disastrous policies are seeking to bring to fruition. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

We can see George Soros’ effect on United States politics in a variety of different ways through a variety of different years. We can go back to the famous or infamous — depending on who you talk to, Ferguson Protests in order to see his work in action. Soros believes strongly in grassroots activism. Soros’ faith in activism by the people and for the people was so important that he invested nearly $30 million into activist organizations in and around Ferguson. This essential funding allowed the Ferguson Protests to continue on, bringing attention to the epidemic that is police brutality against minorities. Learn more about his profile at

Kenneth Zimmerman is the Director at the Open Society Foundations and he affirms that Soros believes in giving power back to citizens, not corporate interests. It seems that Soros and Open Society Foundations have plenty of work to do in the coming four years.