George Soros and the Democracy Alliance Strategy for Defeating Donald Trump

Ask any good military commander and they will tell you that an army must have a solid strategy in place if they plan to defeat an enemy. George Soros and his Democracy Alliance allies know this truth all too well.

In 2016, this political party support group had a good strategy for taking on the Republicans. Their plan was to elect competent key Democratic leaders to office on Politico and then use them to create policies that would help the U.S. people to thrive as a nation and as individuals. However, they were thwarted by a surprise attack of Republican sympathizers.

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was expected to become the 45th president in 2017. However, it was Republican nominee Donald J. Trump that took this position on Forbes. He is now the presiding President of the U.S. When this happened the Democrats (and the nations) were stunned.

How could this person win the office when he clearly was not fit to have such a responsibility? The fact is, the Republicans had some tricks up their sleeves and knew that the American people would vote for him regardless of his antics, behavior or position on issues on

All bets are off now. The Democrats are no longer taking their opponents for granted. They will no longer underestimate President Donald Trump and his ability to get people behind him no matter how much they dislike his character.

The Democracy Alliance and George Soros are busy at work implementing new strategies to take on the Republicans and Trump. They are organizing massive efforts to promote new and competent Democratic leaders.

They also have the agenda to get more organizations standing behind their candidates and to get them involved on the issues. Grassroots efforts to get more citizen voters is being pushed as well. The Democracy Alliance is going all out to get the Democratic party back on track.

George Soros is a huge supporter of DA and Democratic causes. He knows that the policies that many democrats favor are in line with his own political beliefs. This billionaire has lived through some harrowing times. He lived during the time that Hitler dominated the world.

When the Nazi’s took over Hungary and was about to implement the Holocaust; Soros’ father had to get George and the rest of his family out of that country. They barely managed to escape the Holocaust. Soros would never forget the lessons that he learned during this horrific time period in his life.

This background is what helped to start George Soros set him on the path of politics and business. He has learned his lessons well. Now, he wants to use the Democratic Alliance to help others. Especially, when he sees a president like Donald Trump who personally reminds him of a dictator or a mafia boss.