Geoffrey Cone Response To The Feature

Geoffrey Cone is known as one of the best in New Zealand in his field. He has profound knowledge and vast experience regarding trusts and tax laws. Geoffrey Cone is a professional and an experienced lawyer. He holds a degree in LLB honors and he also holds a post graduate diploma specializing in the field of tax and trust law. He is considered as one of the best in the field of wealth planning as well because of his successful career. After he successfully completed his post graduate in tax and trust law he started working as a chairman of partners in a renowned law firm. His main responsibility in this firm was to provide advisory services. He also operated as a leading counsel during his multiple appearances in court. Later onwards he decided to start his own firm by the name of “Cone Marshall Limited” in 1999. Cone Marshall Limited is the only firm which specializes in tax planning and advising. It provides various trust management services through the support of its affiliated companies.


Recently New Zealand was featured on foreign trust news. It was regarding the country’s tax standards and tax havens. Geoffrey Cone responded to this news.


OECD periodically and continuously upgrades a list of tax havens. It is not a surprise or shock that New Zealand is not featured in it. It is also predicted that it won’t be featured in future. OECD is considered as a leader in making social and economic policies.


Earlier OECD issued a model of agreement on the exchange of information on various tax matters and issues. This was back in 2002 and not surprisingly New Zealand became one of the first countries ever to recognize it. They successfully followed the procedure and agreed on implementing the global tax standard. New Zealand frequently assists other countries and governments with their requested required relevant information. This is a huge factor in their maintenance and demonstration of a quality level of leadership in tax transparency. It forecasts the way they handle various foreign trusts and has developed a trustworthy image in the global world. In addition to this New Zealand has also successfully imposed 39 double tax agreements. These agreements usually assist in avoiding taxes. Also, in light to this New Zealand also holds 20 different tax exchange agreements with many countries around the world with the objective of aiding in stopping or preventing tax evasion. Also, New Zealand is a recognized member and a part of a multilateral convention on mutual administrative assistance in tax matters.


These leads and steps taken by the country displays how much the country is totally the opposite in matters of tax havens.