Gender Bias in the Wikipedia World

Gender bias exists and, in fact, has been a part of the traditional American way of life since the Declaration of Independence. Of course, it is wrong, but habits are, extremely, hard to change. In the twenty-first century economic necessity has forced families to abandon the traditional husband/wife work relationship. Women are now not only entering the workforce but in many areas competing with men for top executive positions. While the percentage of women accepted as attorneys and doctors is increasing, it is still far below the world average.

In an attempt to counterbalance this gender balance, Wikipedia and the University of West Virginia are working together to change the stereotypes in Wiki world, including Wikipedia writing services like Get Your Wiki. Get Your Wiki editors and Wiki writers for hire are creating content for businesses, as well as individuals. Their Wikipedia writers create guaranteed content which is properly formatted and written following the Wikipedia style book when they make a Wikipedia page for you or your business. In case of a page being taken down, the staff at Get Your Wiki will refund any deposits. They have created countless pages for non-profits, brands, and public figures. But what is, really, important is the ranking any Get Your Wiki page receives, and the staff at Wikipedia guarantees the ranking as first, second, or third.

For more information about this service, click here. The combined efforts of Wikipedia and the University of West Virginia are undertaken in an effort to enhance the positions of women and especially minority women in the Wikipedia world. An effort beginning in January focused on multiple inclusions of women, in an effort to rectify the male dominance of the Wikipedia world. The university’s efforts were aimed at the inclusion of women from West Virginia.  The long journey of establishing gender equality and a fair representation of women on Wikipedia has taken a giant step thanks to West Virginia University, and even to Wikipedia for offering the grant to fund for this important and necessary research work.


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  • Roland Kennedy

    They have much work to do as 90 percent of the writers of content for Wikipedia are young men, and they, of course, focus on items of interest to themselves. They also have to ensure that essaysontime get what is needed to make the event more palatable.

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