FreedomPop Raising Capital

FreedomPop has shown it’s commitment to raising capital for expanding there global takeover. They have raised $50 million in capital to expand over seas. Freedom Pop is offering it’s global hotspot data service in 25 countries around the world.

The company’s mission is to lower the cost for consumers that are being hit with outrageous data roaming fees for being outside of their cell carriers coverage areas. Consumers will save big with FreedomPop. FreedomPop offers 200 MB of free high speed data. Customers can then purchase 500MB of high speed data for just $10. The service cost only $49 a month. The service can be used in many regions,but you will need to purchase a $10 sim card,which will work with any unlocked cell phone.

Word of mouth advertising has been monumental in the companies growth. The company’s CEO Stephan Stokols is encouraged by the recent funding,believing that it will help the company provide better customer service. Also, the additional capital raised will partially go towards stocking retail locations to better service Freedom Pop customers. This information is originally reported by Recode. The company believes they are in a much better position to service new and existing clients with the recent infusion of cash. For more information on the company please visit

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  • Royce Mitchell

    Freedom Pop understands their position and believe that they can become a leader in the market place in offering high speed data services. FreedomPop expects to expand rapidly around the world. Sadly, I have to know where to buy essay for FreedomPop and to make sure it works well for them.

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