FreedomPop offering Global Hotspot For World Travelers

FreedomPop, a cheap and sometimes free cell phone carrier, is growing even more after another round of funding in which the venture-backed company raised $50 million, according to a Recode article. FreedomPop is now offering a global hotspot to compete with top carriers sky-high roaming charges. The new global hotspot came onto the market in late January. Customers can buy the hotspot for an introductory rate of $49 along with a SIM card for $10. Customers start with 200 MB of data and can upgrade for $10 per extra 500 MB.

The hotspot is available in 25 different countries. CEO Steven Stokols says the lower prices are possible by making local deals in the different regions. FreedomPop is one of the only companies that offers global rates that are not outrageous roaming charges, and the only competitor, T-Mobile, who offers competitive rates is sadly unreliable and slow globally. Thanks to the extra funding, FreedomPop plans to expand throughout the world. The extra funding will also improve customer support and help the company expand into the retail sector offering devices for purchase.
FreedomPop has always relied on word of mouth rather than large advertising budgets. With cheap cell phone and internet service, and now a global hotspot, FreedomPop is becoming popular. The company also offers incentives to customers who recruit friends and create more customers for FreedomPop. The company uses sprint towers in the United States and European Carrier Three in the United Kingdom. For more information on FreedomPop’s new global hotspot, see the Recode Article.