Former hedge fund manger Paul Mampilly warns investor over bitcoin

Paul Mampilly is generous. Why do I think so? Paul Mampilly has accomplished a lot in the stock markets. In this stock business, he has learned so much and has even earned a lot of money. In fact, he left his role in the Wall Street as a hedge fund manager after he mad enough money. He decided to concentrate on helping other investors succeed as he did. He has been using his knowledge about investment to advice less knowledgeable trades on the investment options in the stock markets that can generate substantial returns. Not many investors who have succeeded in the markets like Paul Mampilly are ready to put energy into helping other investors. He is one of a kind, and his input in the industry is significant.

Paul Mampilly has been through the highest ranks of stock investment. He has been a hedge fund manager for Kinetics Asset Management. This is a hedge fund that he was in charge of in 2006. He made it the best performing in the year with a return of 26%. Besides working at the hedge fund, he has worked for other big institutions such as the Deutsche Bank and ING. So, when we talk of him being an experienced investor, we mean it. He has seen it all in the industry. He has made right investment decisions which is the reason he has managed to excel with the companies he has worked for.As an investment adviser, Paul Mampilly has left nothing to chance while advising his followers.

To him, he does not want to please them while they are making losses. He believes in telling everyone the hard truth. In 1999, he had warned one of his friends about the risk of the technology companies stocks which were going up rapidly. His friend did not listen to him. She thought Paul was envious since he had already sold his stocks earlier. However, at the end of it all, his friend lost all her investment. She did not listen to Paul, and when the stocks came crashing down, the verdict was out there for everyone to see.Paul Mampilly has voiced his opinions about the digital currencies, better known as cryptocurrencies. He has described them as a bubble, the same way he predicted in 1999; he sees the situation unfolding again. Those who have invested think he is just pouring cold water on the investment since he did not make any investments in them. However, Paul Mampilly has stayed out of the investment because he thinks it is not worth it and that finally it will crash.