Financial Analyst Ian King High On Cryptocorn

Start-up companies that begin operations valued at over $1 billion are so rare that a common nickname given to these companies by venture capitalists is unicorns. In recent times, these unicorns are becoming more common.

More than 275 companies worldwide fit the description of unicorns including well-known entities such as Uber and Pinterest. Collectively, these unicorns have a value of more than $965 billion after investments of $200 billion which reflects a return of 400%.

The problem with these companies according to investment expert Ian King is that they are for the most part closed off to the average investor and made available only to venture capitalists and other individuals that are extremely wealthy.

King, a financial analyst with more than 20 years of experience and an avid trader of cryptocurrency, explained in a recent article that was published by Banyard Hill Publishing that ordinary investors should look to capitalize on companies that he has nicknamed ‘cryptocorn.’ Visit the website to learn more.

Ian King’s Cryptocorn Defined

While Bitcoin is the most well-known cryptocurrency to date there are many more lesser-known currencies that make use of blockchain technology. Most media reports regarding bitcoin and blockchain technology as a whole focus on the massive gain in value that has taken place in such a relatively short time.

Ian King explains that as of current there are 40 blockchain projects that when combined have a value of approximately $1 billion. This is a major change from a year ago when bitcoin dominated the market to the tune of 90%. The company’s market share is now 35%.

Litecoin, Etherium, and Ripple are cryptocurrencies that are referred to as altcoins. These currencies enticed buyers with a technique known as initial coin offerings which were to perform double duties as venture capital and a public stock offering. These altcoins increased in value by an unheard of 25,000% in a single year.

Ian King teaches his readers that they have potential access to cryptocorns when these ICO’s are in the first stages of liquidity in public markets. In the past, these opportunities were only available to venture capitalist.

The Direction Of Cryptocurrency

Ian King points out that the altcoin market is a remnant of the dot-com explosion of the 1990’s. King is optimistic that there may be an altcoin equivalent of dotcom giants Google and Amazon. As an analyst who has done extensive work with hedge funds, derivatives, and other financial instruments, the fact that King is so bullish on cryptocorn should cause readers to take a hard look at the possibilities. View: