Fabletics Grows Into Amazon’s Main Rival

The Online retail sector is often said to still be finding its feet as new retailers develop Websites and apps across the Internet which look to rival the dominance of Amazon. Born in the 1990s as a bookseller, Amazon has developed as an Online community and retailer selling almost every product imaginable including fashion and athletic wear. Although it holds a 20 percent market share of the Online fashion sales in the U.S. each year a rival has begun to emerge to Amazon’s dominance in the shape of Fabletics.


Born in 2013, Fabletics has developed an innovative membership and subscription-based business model which has allowed the brand to develop sales revenue of around $250 million by the end of 2017. Although now seen as one of the most innovative and respected Online retailers in the world with a presence in multiple countries, Fabletics is just one of a new generation of Online retailers looking to use technology to develop new ways of producing a customer service experience to rival that of Amazon. Fabletics founders, Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler, and actress Kate Hudson believe any company entering the Online fashion market must develop a strategy to take on Amazon when involved in a direct sales battle with the retail giant.


Much of the success of Amazon has been built on the showrooming theory which has caused major issues for traditional retailers who see customers enter stores, try on clothes, and then return home to order Online for a lower price. Understanding the showrooming theory has not caused issues for Fabletics as the brand is now leading the way with a drive towards reverse showrooming which brings with it a move towards Online members spending time in brick and mortar Fabletics locations and using their Online membership to buy products. Knowing which clothing a customer wants is made easier by the use of an Online lifestyle quiz which is easy to complete and brings with it a number of products recommended because of the answers are given on the quiz.


Fabletics is also growing its success through its links to the outgoing and approachable public image of “Almost Famous” actress Kate Hudson. The actress was the first choice of the developers of the Fabletics brand as they sought to find a founding partner and brand ambassador who reflected the aspirational aspects of the company which have seen the brand positioned alongside Apple and other high-end retailers.