Eric Lefkofsky’s Fixation On Cancer

Eric Lefkofsky is a man known for many of his contributions to causes such as civic causes, human rights, education and medical discoveries. He mainly puts his focus on cancer, him being a Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Tempus, a technology company that created a cancer-battling operating system. The system gives data that is both attainable and useful for the benefit of patients. This data derived from the treatment of previous patients.

He is a firm believer of reducing mortality rates and improving management of diseases and patient treatment. He says making advances in molecular sequences, artificial intelligence and machine learning are what arm us in battling cancer, which has been a big challenge since time in memorial.

Together with their vast range of experts at Tempus, they are in pursuit of reasons why some cancer patients respond to therapy while others do not. Through the combination of patients’ clinical and genomic data, they seek to determine the most suitable cancer therapy. His interaction with these experts is what has helped him have a better understanding of cancer.

One of Eric’s staff had written a letter referencing the power of asking critical questions such as: “I wonder if…” and those three words that made him dive into a series of thoughts that revolved around the possibilities of living better lives. To solve problems people face that’s how Eric and some of His staff came up with a basis of the businesses they have.

Eric stresses on the importance of having empathy. Getting to know where they are coming from and looking at things from the other person’s perspective. He sees the solutions that can be created by just being empathetic.

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